Bird Identification Problems

Mystery Gull

Is this just a Slaty-backed Gull? It would be a first Minnesota record of this bird.

Mystery Bird

I have determined the species of all the birds that I photographed in Ecuador, except one.  It may be that the photograph is not good enough quality to exactly determine what the bird is, but I sure would like to try.  Peter English and Paul Greenfield have indicated what they think. I trust both of them on birds of Ecuador, but they have come up with different birds.

Mystery Bittern

Which bittern is this?

Mystery Pipit

Which pipit is this?

Mystery Sparrow

Which sparrow is this?

Mystery Flycatcher

Is this just a simple Empidonax Flycatcher?

Is this a Brant

A bird seen in a pond on the Deer Lake in Aitkin County has been reported to be a Brant. Here are the pictures that were taken of this bird.

Last update 2002 Aug 15