Little Blue Heron in Hennepin County

An immature Little Blue Heron was found at Peterson Pond, Hennepin Co., at Minnesota Valley National Valley Wildlife Refuge.  The bird was seen on a waterfowl survey that accessed Refuge land on the East side of Peterson Pond.  It may be visible from the Hillside Trail at the Refuge Headquarters (call the Refuge @ (612) 854-5900 for better directions)

The bird was seen around 9:00 AM on the 17th.  It is a molting immature, and
looks almost exactly like the picture of such a bird on p. 50 of the National
Geographic guide.  It was found by Vicki Sherry and Jesse Ellis, and confirmed by Deanne Endrizzi.

Photo by David Cahlander.  1998 June 21, 11:00 AM.

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