Download page for Cryptographer

Forget-Me-Not's shareware Cryptographer runs on all current versions of Microsoft Windows (XP and Vista)..

Cryptographer is a Visual Basic Program.  It was produced by Forget-Me-Not Shareware Inc, which is no longer in business.  Forget-Me-Not Shareware Inc has allowed this site to give free distribution of Cryptographer program. This site also continues to run the cryptogram contest.  Shawn Williams and Michael Rubesch at Purdue University have converted the program to run on 32-bit/64-bit computers.

Download Free Cryptographer (442 KB)

Click to download the file. You may get a message that this program "is not commonly downloaded and could be dangerous". Click on the .zip file and then click on setup.exe. Follow the instructions to install Cryptographer.   You can select where the program is installed.

Register the program by clicking on registration.html You will receive back a 12 digit code to use to register the program.

If you have the Cryptographer program currently installed, your current registration is used.

Association of .dqf files

  1. After downloading a puzzle file (dc091029.dqf)
  2. right-click on this file and select
    Open With -> Choose Default Program
  3. Select CRYPTOGR.exe

Open with Chrome

When the puzzle file is downloaded, you can right click on the file with Chrome and select

"Always open files of this type".
If you do this, Chrome will load the Cryptogram program as soon as the puzzle file is downloaded.